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Some of you reading this are editors or proofreaders, you understand the need for good editing to create an excellent product. Some of you have being writing professionally for a number of years, you’ve gone through the editing process. If you are new to this process, you may have questions about the need and process of editing. (Read “Do I need a professional editor?”)

It is far too easy to think we can edit our own material. Of course, we need to be the first editor. But we also need different eyes on our writing. Even when I’m writing a short paragraph for a website, I try to have someone else look at it before I send it out for primetime.

Editing goes beyond having your spouse, parent, or best friend read your book. Although I like to have my husband read my material, I also pay a professional editor to do the real job. Your critique group can also be valuable for overall impression, tone, and some editorial changes, but it’s still not quite the same as a professional editor.

Good editing does cost money and takes time. As I’m writing a book, I start putting money back for an editor. I also plan at least six weeks in the timeline for the editing process to be complete. It may not take that long, but I don’t want push too close to my publication date.

Editing is vital to producing a quality e-book.

What is your editing process?

Step Three – Create a Great Cover

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