Step Three to a Good e-Book


books_standingToo often writers think that cover doesn’t matter as much for an e-book. Not true. As much care should be given to the cover of an e-book as a print book.

Your e-book doesn’t sit on a shelf with hundreds of other books. But it does sit on a virtual shelf with thousands of other e-books. Remember the online shoppers’ attention is grabbed by so many other things on the page. Even on your website, the cover needs to be attractive and attract attention. No stock e-book covers please.

If you have a print book, in most cases, you can use it as the cover of your e-book. If not, give deliberate thought to your cover.

You should also have a back cover that is more than an order form. Not only does the back cover indicate the end of the book, it is also the place some readers go to first. They want to read endorsements or book description before starting right in on the content.

Share your favorite e-book cover with us.

Step Three – Create a good cover.

e-Book Cover Resources

Here’s some samples to browse through. Share a link to an e-book cover you like.

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