Step Four to a Good e-Book

Consider the reader

readerAs writers we know that we need to be aware of our audience. This idea, though, is a little different for e-publishing. Our e-books are going to a different medium, a different reading experience. Our audience will have different needs other than just the content.

Jonathan Wondrusch says in The E-Book Creation Explorer’s Guide, “Every single decision you make when you create an e-book plays into the experience that your customer will have. “

Remember your reader may be reading on a computer or on a phone. You may have younger readers who expect interactive material. Maybe your content requires tables andgraphs. With an e-book, your audience may now expect color. Children’s books may be greatly enhanced with audio included.

Considering your audience now requires thinking beyond the words on the “page.”

What is a good e-book experience for you?

Step Four – Make a good experience for your reader.

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