3D e-Book Content Is Coming

3D balloon imageA question about 3D objects in EPUB3 books came up on a list I follow. Since the discussion was interesting, I decided to take a look at the possibilities. From my research, I see this as a huge possibility in technical manuals and textbooks. Three-D objects that can be rotated and manipulated on the screen will provide valuable learning experiences.

After the manual and textbook publisher have fine-tuned the process, I can foresee 3D images inserted in a sci-fi novel to give a tour of a foreign planet or interact with a new species. How about having historical figures take an active part in the narration of a novel?

From the demonstration videos I’ve seen, this is going to be way beyond having a video inserted in an e-book. The primary difference will be the ability of the reader to control the interaction. I know, some readers may balk at taking away imagination. Although I wasn’t around when the shift was made from radio dramas to the same programs on television, I’m sure the same thing was said then.

Currently 3D objects are in their infancy, requiring coding in JavaScript, HTML 5, or through newly developed apps. But the potential is great. I’m looking forward to see where this goes.

A demo video

What possibilities do you see for 3D content?

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