Fairy May

Tooth fairy school? Failing tooth fairy school? Who would have thought it could happen? But it seem to be for Fairy May, the title character for Jo Linsdell’s latest children’s book.

Poor Fairy May is having trouble in tooth fairy school. She can’t quite get the spells and potions, and fairy dust. But Fairy May had a dream to become a tooth fairy, and “She’d worked so hard determined to pass.”

Like Ms. Linsdell’s previous book, Out and About at the Zoo, the text of Fairy May is simple for the beginning reader. At the same time, it’s fun to read aloud. The pictures are large and colorful, a real delight.

This little book isn’t just a cute story, it also teaches perseverance and determination. Qualities that most parents want to instill at an early age.

Activity pages, including a tooth-brushing chart, to accompany the book are available through Pay with a Tweet link at Ms. Linsdell’s website.

Ms. Linsdell has created another book, which will delight young children and early readers.

Fairy May
by Jo Linsdell
Kindle $3.29
Print Edition $8.99

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