Decide for Yourself

On her blog, The Writer’s Guide to Epublishing, D. D. Scott offers this advice in her Beginner’s To-do List: “Decide for yourself, based on your own skill levels,arrows of doubt whether or not you’ll be doing your Format and Cover Design.” (sic) (emphasis added) I absolutely agree that each writer must make at least some of the decisions, and as an indie publisher, you’ll be making all of the decisions.

It’s easy to read a Kindle full of books and blogs about your e-book. But ultimately everything comes down to you. Everything from file format to the hiring of professionals for some of processes. No matter what someone else’s opinion is, it is up to you to decide.

It’s not too early in the process to begin thinking about such things as price, marketing, cover, title, and other e-publishing decisions. You don’t have to decide on each one immediately. But if you start consideration while you are writing your e-book, you won’t feel rushed at the end. Aren’t those last minute decisions the ones we seem to regret?

Some questions to think about while you are deciding whether to format your e-book:

  1. Do you want to sell your e-product on your website or at events?
  2. Are you comfortable with little technical details?
  3. Do you want people to be able to share your e-book?
  4. Do you plan to give your book away or offer it free during special promos?
  5. Are you comfortable working with graphics?
  6. Will you have a print edition of your book?

What e-book decision are you grappling with?

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