6 Steps to prepare as an ant

ant prepares for emergencyThe ants are not a strong people, Yet they prepare their food in the summer (Pro 30:25 AMP).

Did the “storm of the century” hit your town? Were you stuck at home? Or, did you attempt to make it out for an errand that was a “must-do”? Did you have everything you needed?

I’ve lived in snow country, on a gravel road, about fifteen miles from the nearest store. I learned that you never know when you might have an emergency, snow or otherwise. I learned to be ready for anything. I learned to be an ant.

How can you be an ant? Here are six steps:

  1. At the very least, have supplies for a 72-hour emergency recommended by FEMA. Headlines today are talking about days to clean up; days for some people to get out for supplies.
  2. Don’t wait until the snow start falling or the hurricane winds start blowing to get supplies. Generally for weather events you have about a weeks notice. Get those supplies in early. Do as the ant, prepare in the “summer,” before the disaster.
  3. Have a plan. What will you do if a family member is away from home? What will you do if the power is out for days? What will you do if you are stuck in your car? (See tip #4 below to avoid that.)
  4. Understand that you may need to stay at home. There is no appointment, no event, even no workday worth the danger of going out. When you insist on trying to maintain life, as you know it, you are also putting someone else in danger by going out to meet you at that appointment. The only emergency is life or death, in that case call 911.
  5. Don’t worry about those who make fun of you for getting ready. You are doing what is best for your family. Remember these same people may be calling on you when they run out of supplies or are cold. God tells us to observe the ant and be like her (Pro. 6:6-11).
  6. Many of us spend hours, even days, planning work schedules, vacation, or lessons plans. It’s not hard to spend a couple hours a week to plan for an emergency. “Go to the ant” (Pro. 6:6) and learn.

What do you do to get ready for a snowstorm (or other emergency)?

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