Teaching Journalism at Home

Teaching-Journalism-at-HomeWhen you think of journalism, you probably have some set ideas of what it is and why you can’t teach it as a homeschool class. Perhaps you think journalists must write for a student newspaper in junior high or high school. You know there must be follow up through a college major in journalism or communications. Then, your mind goes on to requisite internships during and after college.

Frances Schaffer once said Christians need to take back several areas of our culture.  One of those areas is journalism. It may seem an overwhelming challenge to teach journalism — especially if you don’t have a way to create a student newspaper. However, if you accept the challenge, you may train the next David Brinkley or William Buckley.

Let’s follow Frances Schaffer’s call and send Christian  journalists from our homeschools into the publishing world.

Read ideas for teaching journalism at home.

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