Choices of the Heart: Not for the Proverb 31 Woman

When I was raising my family I didn’t like going to church on Mother’s Day. Not because someone else had the oldest/youngest/most children, but because more often than not the sermon was based on Proverbs 31. We moms feel guilty enough without an annual reminder that we don’t measure to the ideal women in the Bible.

This can be true of women’s Bible studies as well. We learn about the heroic Deborah or the saintly Mary (when most of us are Marthas) or long-suffering Hannah. Don’t get me wrong; we have much to learn from these women. I just can’t live up to the standards set by the writers of those Bible studies.

Kathy Collard Miller must have heard my cry, “I don’t measure up.” Her study Choices of the Heart, the first in the Daughters of the King Bible Study Series, uses the lesser-known women. The women who are rarely used as examples for Christian women.

Each of the ten lessons looks at issues we all face through the eyes of the Bible heroines and the not-so-heroic women. Take a look at the table of contents and you will see Rahab beside Rebekah, Gomer with the forgiven women, Jezebel and Deborah in the same lesson. Did you know that you can learn about from Gomer and Saphirra about such things as forgiveness and honesty?

Unlike many Bible studies, the questions are sprinkled through the chapter. Ms. Miller provides commentary through each chapter, which enhances the lessons you are learning. It’s like two women chatting over tea about specifics of our lives and what the bible has to teach us.

As I went through the lessons, I felt as though these ladies of the Bible were like me. They struggled with the same things I struggle with. I learned that if God can use Rahab and Bathsheba, he can use me. I was refreshed. I came away from this study without the guilt that I can’t measure up.

I look forward to more of Ms. Miller’s series, Daughters

Choices of the Heart is available in print and Kindle versions.

Paperback – $9.95

Kindle – $5.95

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