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September is National Preparedness Month.flashlight preparation be ready
Often when talking about preparation, prepping, thoughts turn to be ready for a disaster of some kind. There are other ways that you can, and probably should, get ready.

Back to school. September is the traditional return to school month, although many schools start in August now. Whether your child goes to a traditional school or is educated at home now is the time to settle into a routine that will help as the year continues on.

Winter. It’s time to get your home and family ready for winter. For our family that means cutting and stacking firewood. Those of you who live in areas that are very cold, now is the time to dig out the winter coats and boots. Make sure they still fit.

The holidays. Yes, it’s true. We know the most stressful time of each year is the six weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. Why? We don’t really prepare ourselves. My turkey is already in the freezer. I start gathering the grandkiddos Christmas wish list this month and start scouring internet shopping sites.

Illness. Yep, it will come. No matter how you try to avoid it sniffles, coughs, muscle aches; something is going hit. Do you have tissues, throat drops, or other necessary supplies?

Break-down. Things break. Recently the truck I’ve owned less than six months needed brake repair. No, I didn’t have extra brakes on hand. I do have an emergency fund. It’s hard not declare the need for chocolate an emergency. Part of this type of prepping is to have the tools necessary on hand and accessible.

I hope this short list has sparked a few ideas of your own. Ways you can be prepared for future events – disaster or not. Use National Preparedness Month to start thinking about what you need to prepare for.

What are you getting ready for this month?

Help your family learn about emergency preparedness by using this emergency preparedness lesson plan.

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