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My grandchildren are moving into their teenage years. It’s hard to find novels that aren’t romance or vampire. Many of the books classified YA assume early dating relationships and sexual activity. There is a superficial treatment of important decisions, such as unwed teen pregnancy. If the teen likes adventure, the content usually includes descriptive and gratuitous violence.

Finally, writers are beginning to see not all teens are superficial and some want serious fiction they can relate to. The Pulse Effex series from L.R. Burkard provides adventure, mystery, excitement, and a solid story.

The series consists of three books: Pulse, Resilience, and Defiance. The first book starts with everyone’s reaction to an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) event in the United States. Resilience tells how life has changed and people are settling into a new normal. The third of the series continues as society continues to break down and families struggle to rebuild.

Told through the eyes of three teenage girls, Sarah, Lexie, and Andrea, this apocalyptic tale not only looks at the difficult times after an EMP, but also views it from three different and real perspectives. The three friends, Andrea, Lexie, and Sarah, each experience the EMP event in a different way. However, each has similar concerns — “I wish my phone worked.” “I want to see my friends.” “When do I get to take a shower?” As the tale continues through the three volumes, Andrea, Lexie, and Sarah grow up, begin to care for others and learn that there is life beyond high school social events.

Each girl encounters various trials, and in a natural way, learns how to cope, how to live in a new world, and how relationships change. Rather than concern about a date for Friday, these girls learn how important family and neighbors are. They are still teenage girls who tire of wearing the same clothes, helping with chores such as carrying water to the house and think about their future including marriage. How will this change in the new society?

Pulse and Resilience are told through the journal entries of Andrea, Lexie, and Sarah. We get to know them very well. As the story continues in Defiance, we get to see events through two other characters. These two, Jared and Roper, are very different in lifestyle and worldview. They learn from each other through their differences.

L.R. Burkard presents the EMP event as real as possible, given no one knows the real results of such an event. Her research is well done, thus making the story more compelling. It’s not a story of unending violence. It is a story of what may more likely be people’s reaction. Although Burkard also presents an element of Christianity, it is without “Bible-thumping.” Like the rest of her story, the Christian family is believable in their reactions and their faith.

I will be purchasing this series for my granddaughters. However, even though the intended audience is teenagers, don’t pass it up. This series has a solid tale adults will enjoy also.

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