Rainy Day Account to be Prepared

Do you have a rainy day savings account? Many of us do. A little, or not so little, fund of money to be prepared for unforeseen events.

Being prepared, “prepping,” is like that rainy day account. Sometimes money alone doesn’t cover emergencies. We need supplies and tools to take care of the unexpected. It could be a storm, sudden illness, unemployment, or a national disaster.

Our family has gone through various types of situations, which tested our rainy day account. On more than one occasion, we’ve been glad to have extra food, emergency lighting, backup power. I’ve taken our experiences and shared them in a little book for family preparation in the cityothers to begin their preparation account. I’m honored that book, Family Preparation in the City and Suburbia, has been selected for the 2017 Preppers Bundle (no longer available).

The Preppers Bundle is a library of ebooks, videos, and e-courses to help families get ready for whatever may come. Products in the bundle cover topics such as first-aid, food and water, and managing supplies. The monetary value of these resources is more than $300. The value of the content, and the peace of mind of having your prepping account built, can’t be measured.

Family Preparation in the City and Suburbia was born out of experiences of getting ready for the unexpected while living on a 60×90 lot in a tract of homes. Most of the resources we found were for those who lived in rural locations and had access to water wells, large garden areas, and room for animals. Little directly applied to us. So, we adapted. We learned how to find water, where to store food when you live in a mobile home park, and how to keep warm without a wood-burning stove. This information is included in Family Preparation.

The Prepper Bundle is only available for six days, June 7 through June 12. Grab this package of valuable resources today for as little as $29.97. Click here now, so you don’t forget.

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