Fido is a Prepper Too

We have a bushel of animals: cats, dogs, chickens, donkey, the occasional squirrel that eats the bird seed. As part of being ready two catsincludes at least some of these creatures.

Have you given any thought to what will happen to critters in your family? Well, June is Pet Preparedness Month. FEMA offers some suggestions for getting ready with our pets and large animals.

We have some plans for our outdoor critters and our furry indoor family members. It’s not possible for us to take the chickens and Jeb the donkey. Instead, we’ve set up areas for them to shelter in place. Our cats and dogs will stay with us, whether at home or evacuating. They are ready.

In addition to food, water, and travel options, we have also decided to add one other layer of protection, microchips. These tiny chips are administered a veterinary office and don’t hurt your pet. If your pet is lost, most animal shelters and vets can read the chip to notify you. There are also companies that register the chips. If your pet is found by a private party, a call to an 800 number on the tag will help reunite you.

We use Save This Life for two reasons. First, there is no annual fee. A one-time payment and your dog or cat is registered for life. Second, the ability to use Google to locate your furry friend. Just put in the chip id number and it’s located on a map.

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