Keep Christ in Christmas … Cookies

It’s baking time. It’s gift-giving time.

Many of us combine the two traditional activities by baking cookies and giving them as gifts. How often, though, do we bake ourselves into a frenzy on one day? Not enjoying the experience with our children. How often do we put those cookies on a pretty plate then rush from person to person to give the gift? All in one afternoon.

I’m not much of a baker. O.K. I’m not much of a cook, period. For me, it’s a chore. When I decide to bake for Christmas it has to be more than a whirlwind morning. I learned how to turn this “must-do” drudgery into a part of what we wanted our Christmas to be: A peaceful time of worshipping Christ.

We made Nativity cookies. Cookie baking became a time to share the story of Jesus’ birth with family and friends.

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