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We writers have a lot of demands on our time: marketing, social media, and blogging. Frankly, most of us want to just write.

There are many reasons writers don’t take advantage of having a blog. One is technology. We are creative thinkers and for many of us, anything more technical than a mechanical pencil is scary. I really feel that way about numbers. Two is the time commitment. Most of the information about blogging is for professional bloggers. We want to write articles and books, not daily or weekly blog posts about the latest food or fashion trends. So we take what we believe is the best option–no blog.

Blogger’s Toolkit

electronic reading devices with The Genius Bloggers ToolkitI’m not going to try and fool you that it’s easy. We can learn a few tricks from the pros. That’s why I support The Genius Blogger Toolkit.

TGBT is a curated collection of 91 resources, like eBooks, eCourses, templates, and workbooks, including my popular e-course, Creating and Formatting e-Books ($180 value). The combined value of the resources in the toolkit is over $5,800 and includes six free bonuses. but you get EVERYTHING for 98% off!


What’s in it for you? As writers we can easily become overwhelmed with all the marketing that is recommended. Blogging is just one more thing to learn and do. Some of us don’t believe we can overcome the technical aspects of blogging. TGBT has products, like The Beginner’s Guide to Blogging and My 14-Point Blog Startup Checklist, to help walk through setting it up.

The bundle is not just about blogging. There’s also writing helps such as Jeff Goins’s The Effective Writer, as well as email list tools.

Getting Started Guide

Ninety-one products. That’s a lot. Worried you won’t know where to start with all the resources in the toolkit? Don’t be! Inside the toolkit, you’ll find a handy Getting Started Guide so you can take action right away.

Whatever your goals – whether it’s to get that blog started, time management, addressing technical challenges, or getting new writing ideas – you can get equipped today, right now, to have the life and business experience you want tomorrow.

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