Winter is coming: Are you ready?

It’s hard to think about fall and winter preparation when the temperatures are above 100 degrees. The fact is that in about six weeks, fall is here. Actually, all I want to do is think about staying cool. It is time for fall tasks though, which is part of our preparing for winter.

This is the time of year, though, to prepare for the colder months ahead. Many of us are harvesting from our gardens right now. We are preserving the bounty to have later when the garden is bedded down for winter.

Some of us are planting our fall/winter gardens. While others are cleaning and getting the garden ready for the cold weather to come.

In addition, we each have various tasks to prepare our homes and families for winter. Put up storm windows, clean the rain gutters, have warm clothing. Some of the food I’m putting away now is to be ready in case our roads to town are flooded.

To learn more about getting ready for the winter months, join me at Minnesota Country Girl for my article
in the Homestead Winter Prep: A Series of Harvesting & Preserving.

Not everyone is able to do all of these preparations. Elder neighbors and family members may need help with preparing their homes. Some families aren’t able to buy winter clothing. Not everyone can have a garden to preserve fruit and vegetables to store.

As your family gears up for the cold months ahead, select a family you can help. Be sure to involve your children in this act of service. They will learn from it and maybe make new friends.

Download a Winter Preparation Checklist.

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