Celebrate Read an e-Book Week

Last year “Read an E-book Month” was declared in Canada with special focus on “Read an E-book Week.” While researching the special month, I found that Read an E-book Week was first registered in 2004. I can see why it was started. In 2004 I was still adamant that I wouldn’t read e-books and certainly e-readers would go

a person reading a book

Step Four to a Good e-Book

Consider the reader As writers we know that we need to be aware of our audience. This idea, though, is a little different for e-publishing. Our e-books are going to a different medium, a different reading experience. Our audience will have different needs other than just the content. Jonathan Wondrusch says in The E-Book Creation

Which Comes First?

I’m not going to head off into some a chicken and egg philosophy discussion. I am going to open this up for discussion: Where do you begin your e-book adventure? Too often, I think, we writers believe there are two ingredients for success. I’ll not define success because we all have our own definition of it.

What’s the Difference?

While most of us think of the difference between e-book and print book as the method of reading, it really is more than that. Instant availability. In the Internet age, and quite honestly the culture of instant gratification, being instantly available is a big plus. Storage. E-readers can store hundreds, thousands of books, magazines, and