Science in the Kitchen Helps and Hints

What Are Those Chemicals?

  • sodium bicarbonate – baking soda
  • H4Al2Si2O9 – cement
  • acetic acid (HC2H3O2) – vinegar
  • NH4OH – ammonia
  • H2O2 – hydrogen peroxide
  • sodium chloride – salt
  • citric acid – lemon juice
  • sodium hydroxide – lye
  • carbon dioxide – soda pop
  • magnesium hydroxide – milk of magnesium
  • Na4 B4 O7 – borax
  • alcohols (all kinds)
  • boric acid (used in eye wash products)

Where Do I Get Science Supplies

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Lye for soap is readily available and can be used when called for in a science lab. Be sure to read all the warnings and use safety precautions.

Some lab activities will call for phenolphthalein (C??H??O?), which is an acid-base indicator. Recently the Food and Drug Administration removed it from store shelves. pH balance kits for aquariums can also be purchased large pet or garden stores or Amazon. Below are resources for purchasing the chemical indicator and other science needs.

The Science Company

Home School Science Tools

Blood sugar test kits, blood cholesterol kits, iodine, boric acid and various alcohols can be found in many superstores and drugstores.

Science equipment can be found in many school stores.

Food dyes and items for dissection, such as a beef heart or whole fish, can be purchased at a grocery store.

General Outlines for Science Studies