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· Humble Yourself – Conflict Resolution

Susan looks at humbling ourselves before our God and others to resolve conflicts in our homes, our ministries, and our communities.

· Let This Be a Sign

God instructed the Israelites to build memorials so when the children asked, the parents would have an answer to the mighty things God has done for them. Susan tells how to preserve heritage and create memorials, to pass on to your children and grandchildren.

· All I Know I Learned on Law and Order

Mental illness is one of the most misunderstood diseases in our nation. Those with these brain disorders must overcome the negative influences of television and talk radio. In this session, Susan gives family and friends tools to counter the negative with the positive.

· Why Am I Doing This? Philosophy of Education in SEVEN Steps

You know that you should have a written philosophy of education because it is the foundation of your home school. If you didn’t stay awake during Philosophy 101, you may wonder just how you write something so lofty. In this hands-on workshop, Susan will take you through seven steps to writing your philosophy of education. When finished you will have the backbone your written educational beliefs. Come prepared to work.

(These sessions are suitable for keynote.)


· The Art & Science of Self-Publishing

Whether your book is for a small niche market or a broad audience, it is easier than ever before to self-publish a quality product. Susan provides details of publishing for an audience smaller than 50,000; smaller even than 500. She covers building a quality product, cost, and marketing.

· Science in the Kitchen

Is it possible for the home educator to provide a complete science experience without leaving the comforts of home? Yes! The lab is in the kitchen and the chemicals are probably already on the shelves. Susan shares her secrets along with some helpful hints from high school science teachers.

· Writer’s Guide to Web Sites

Every writer knows that a web site is essential for marketing. Whether you write books or articles, are a beginner or best seller, a Internet presence is necessary. Learn the 5 Ws and H of building a web site. It might be easier than you think.


· The Fractured Home School

Do you feel like you misunderstood God’s call for homeschooling? This intimate and personal session discuss what appears to our human eyes to be failures. Susan presents a personal testimony about God’s victories in the Fractured Home School.


· Standards with No Compromise

Learn how to develop a Biblical standard for your home that fits the needs of your family and will keep you on course when the desert gets hot and the manna is old.

· The God of Paper Clips

Too often we get bogged down in the details and forget whom God is and what He wants to do for us. Susan talks about allowing God to take care of the details so we can do His work more completely.

(These sessions are suitable for keynote.)

Common Sense

· The Frugal Homeschooler

Is the cost of curriculum and materials getting you down? Do you have a garage full of unused books and supplies? With 19 years experience, Susan gives methods of saving money and making wise choices in acquiring your school materials.

· Wake Up and Smell the Crayons

The The need for preschool is a hot topic. Do you need to send your child to preschool? Do you need to start teaching at the age of 2? Will you child fall behind? Susan answers these questions and more in this very practical session.

· A Learning Way of Life

It wasn’t long after beginning to home school, that Susan found that more learning was taking place outside the books. Her family began to use life as the foundation for their curriculum. This session will cover how-to have a lifestyle of learning and how to ease into this learning method without feeling like you are missing important topics.


· Table Top Lobbyist

No matter your cause, you don’t have to be a high-powered person in the capitol to make your voice heard. By harnessing the power of electronic communications, Susan will give you tools to make your case to legislators, government officials, and the news media.

· You Tube, My Space, Blogs. Oh, My!

· The Internet at Home

Don’t be intimidated by the Information Age or confused by techno-babble. Susan uses her 20+ years experience to help you use computers in your education program. These presentations are designed with the non-technical person in mind.

· Paving the Way to College

As more home-schooled students reach college-age, more colleges are accepting and even seeking these students. Susan will discuss how to prepare your children for college, including a recommended course of study, how to prepare records, how to apply, and looking for scholarships. She will also present studies concerning home-schooled students in college and helpful hints from college admission officers.

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