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Humble Yourself ? Conflict Resolution

Our mothers always told us “it takes two to tango.” By looking at God’s Word we find that conflict may begin with ourselves, and peace may also begins with ourselves. Susan looks at humbling ourselves before our God and others to resolve conflicts in our homes, our ministries, and our communities.

The God of Paper Clips

Too often in our ministries, we get bogged down in the details and forget whom God is and what He wants to do for us. Susan talks about allowing God to take care of the details so we can do His work more completely.

Let This be a Sign

God instructed the Israelites to build memorials so that when the children asked, the parents would have an answer to the mighty things God had done for them. Preserving heritage, creating memorials, for children has become lost in our modern society. Susan tells how to begin now creating memorials to pass on to your family, no matter the age of your children or grandchildren.

The Fractured Christian Home

Do you sometimes feel like you’ve misunderstood God’s directions for parenting? The children don’t come running to the table for dinner? You’ve tried everything mentioned in the books and your family still doesn’t look like the one in the picture? Have you found out that you aren’t raising saints? This intimate and personal session discuss what appears to our human eyes to be failures. Susan presents a personal testimony about God’s victories in The Fractured Christian Home.

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