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Introduction to e-Publishing

Writers can no longer ignore epublishing. It is a vital part of your marketing plan. Whether you are publishing through traditional companies or self-publishing, you need to be aware of the various e-books available, distribution methods, and how they fit in your marketing plan. This course will cover basics of epublishing: types of e-books, pricing, and more.

Formatting e-Books for Writers

You’ve decided that you are going to produce an e-book. Whether you are publishing through traditional companies or self-publishing, you may need to create your e-product. Or you want to know the process of creating an e-book to have more knowledge about how your product should look. This course will cover basics of formatting using Word, file conversion, various publishing options, and more details of creating and selling your e-product.

Breaking into the Homeschool Market

According to Education World, homeschooling has increased by 75% since 1999. Traditional textbook publishers have found this market, but you don’t have to write textbooks or study guides to tap into the market. Susan K. Stewart began homeschooling in 1981, before it became fashionable, and has seen the successes and the failures. She will provide hints and tips on breaking into this market with your product, plus a few ideas for creating products for homeschoolers. Fiction writers encouraged to attend.

Everything I Need to Know Is on the Internet?

The wealth of information on the Internet is amazing. It’s not called The Information Super Hiway without good reason. Research, though, is more than a Google search. It still requires getting out of the chair, and away from the computer.

Susan K. Stewart will take you back to the basics of research. She will show you not just how to do Internet research, but also how to combine it with original document sources, interviews, and roaming the stacks at the library. Be prepared for some quick assignments to learn the skills.

The Art and Science of Self-Publishing

Whether your book is for a small niche market or a broad audience, it is easier than ever before to self-publish a quality product. Susan provides details of publishing for an audience smaller than 50,000; smaller even than 500. She covers building a quality product, cost, and marketing.

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